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Top Three Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day

Father’s day is fast approaching and we at Wild Cornwall can’t think of a better excuse to spend some quality time with the men in our lives. Here are our top three ways to show some love to whoever fixes your bike.   1.Take a foraging walk in the countryside  There is something about taking

Best Places to Eat in Cornwall

When visiting a new place it is important you try out the best cuisine. We’re lucky in Cornwall to have a whole host of places for you to try. We have gone through our favourites and picked our best places to Eat in Cornwall. Check them out and book a place for when you visit

Stuffing the Hungry Gap

Farmers, allotment owners and anybody else who plays an interest in growing crops and fresh produce will know about the saying “the hungry gap”. If you don’t, here is what it is. The hungry gap is said to be one of the hardest times throughout the year for UK farmers. Usually between April and early

Get Creative With Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

It’s funny how us Brits get so excited over the tiniest bit of sun. It’s something we wait so patiently for most of the year and gosh don’t we welcome it with open arms when it arrives. The picnic blankets come out, we make up a concoction of “picky bits” and we drink as much

Building The Perfect Cornish Cheeseboard

Cornish Cheeseboard

When it comes to a good ol’ fashioned cheeseboard, balance and variety are key. If you’re not hosting, then you can pick whatever you wish. But if you’re hosting a heap of guests you need to consider various options to cater for all palettes. Our tip is to focus on four of five high quality

Stop Your Flowers Wilting: Our Top Tips

Stop your flowers wilting

When we buy or we are gifted flowers, ensuring they survive seems to be the hardest part. Cut flowers need a little extra care to keep them from wilting, especially when the sun is shining. The rise in temperatures can make them prone to wilting. Here are five tips to keep your pretty flowers full

Spring is Here!

Trelonk Farm

Spring is here!   Well, we’ve welcomed in Spring and what lovely weather it has been. It’s amazing how uplifting and mood boosting the sun can be, even if there is a chilly wind accompanying it. As a team we’ve recently been on a foraging rampage. Scrabbling through woodlands and brambly hedges reaching for what

Food, Waste Not Want Not

Reducing Food Waste

One thing we’re extremely strict on is food waste. We know first-hand the time and effort which goes into farming fresh produce. The growing, the harvesting and overall producing of delicious seasonal goods is something we’re surrounded by at Wild Cornwall, and we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. We’ve all been to a

Foraging: The Sexiest Thing You Can Do In Wellies

Picking commonly foraged plants

We are surrounded by a daily barrage of things which affect our wellbeing and balance. Artificial lights and screens stimulate and deregulate the bodies rhythms; caffeine, alcohol and poor diet unbalance our natural equilibrium and plasticised packaging leaches hormone disruptors into everything we eat and put on our skin. It is no surprise if we

Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming

Why do we do it and why do we get such a high off it? Starting off as a bit of a fad, like most things do, Wild Swimming became a rediscovered craze amongst the pandemic madness. Whilst not new to the world, it has become considerably more popular over the last couple of years