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Food, Waste Not Want Not

Reducing Food Waste

One thing we’re extremely strict on is food waste. We know first-hand the time and effort which goes into farming fresh produce. The growing, the harvesting and overall producing of delicious seasonal goods is something we’re surrounded by at Wild Cornwall, and we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. We’ve all been to a

Foraging: The Sexiest Thing You Can Do In Wellies

Wild Foraging

We are surrounded by a daily barrage of things which affect our wellbeing and balance. Artificial lights and screens stimulate and deregulate the bodies rhythms; caffeine, alcohol and poor diet unbalance our natural equilibrium and plasticised packaging leaches hormone disruptors into everything we eat and put on our skin. It is no surprise if we

Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming

Why do we do it and why do we get such a high off it? Starting off as a bit of a fad, like most things do, Wild Swimming became a rediscovered craze amongst the pandemic madness. Whilst not new to the world, it has become considerably more popular over the last couple of years

November Newsletter

As summer draws to a close, we at Wild Cornwall have been taking a moment to reflect on our first season operating at Trelonk, and what a season it has been! We have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm that everyone has shown out fledgling little foraging company, and are so touched by the