Eco but Edgy

Green isn’t everyone’s colour, and there are some things we would rather just stay away from the shade altogether. But no matter your thoughts on the green eggs & ham debate, or whether sage tones are sticking around for 2021, one thing we all want to stay green is our natural environment. And this is at the heart of what we do at Wild Cornwall – where, needless to say, we’re committed to keeping Cornwall wild, one dish at a time.

Trelonk Farm

Sustainable Farming

While our base at Trelonk Farm uses the best and newest of sustainable farming techniques, the Wild Cornwall family wanted to take ethical living & cooking one step further. And looking around at all the lush, juicy green surrounding us, both within and without the bounds of Trelonk, it would be criminal not to put it to good use. And that’s where our affair with foraging began.

Wild Cornwall

The unsung Heros

It’s not just the good-looking stuff we’re interested in – the skinny wild garlic, lush native chestnuts and the pretty hawthorn that the seasons bring in and show off. We also want to platform the 3’s and 4’s of the plant world: the unsung heroes, the ugly stepsisters, the rough diamonds of the hedgerows that go unnoticed by your average joe. We think the plant kingdom’s scarier specimens deserve their time in the sun, and Wild Cornwall want to paint them in a new, more brilliant light. From hoary nettles to shady looking ‘shrooms, you name it – we’re getting them, we’re vetting them and we’re crafting them into something gorgeous. 

Our Produce

Cornish Goodness

Wild Crates

Packed full of natural goodness.

Wild Feed

A fantastic range of natural animal feed.

Wild Dogs

A fantastic range of plant based treats.

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© Copyright 2022. Wild Cornwall Trelonk. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2021. Wild Cornwall Trelonk. All Rights Reserved.