Nature’s Harvest

At the start of our love affair with foraging, we tried not to catch feelings. But what started with a little wild garlic garnish on a few of our dishes, has ended up with hampers spilling over with water pepper, wild strawberries and native rhubarb. We caved.


New Flavours

Foraging brought out the best in us. It helped us to think up fresh new flavours, catered to our natural scrappiness, and fused our passion for taste with a commitment to sustainability. Harvesting our ingredients from the wild felt like the perfect way to cheat the system, with style. So before our lovechild Wild Cornwall was born, we said one vow: to never, ever follow the rules. Haggling with the wilderness is our specialty, and we’ve begged, borrowed, hunted and scavenged the best that nature can possibly hide from us, delivering it straight to the Wild Cornwall kitchen and then hopefully, onto yours

Outside the box


We wanted to push the idea of harvest outside the box, and we’ve learned that the best, most titillating ingredients are often hiding out in the wild, outside the reach of complex machinery. The art of foraging proves that all you need to impress are a pair of hands and an imagination.  And at Wild Cornwall, we transform the nature’s hidden culinary gems into creations that will pique both your interest and your palate.

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© Copyright 2021. Wild Cornwall Trelonk. All Rights Reserved.