Crab Apple Jelly


Made from our own apples, this deliciously sticky and sweet Crab Apple Jelly is the perfect accompaniment to your roast pork, cheeseboard or anything that needs a sweet uplift.

Crab Apples can vary enormously. Although they are the wild ancestors of commercial apples, many trees you come across in the wild have grown from domestic apples that have self-seeded.

In spring, the sweet blossom is pollinated by bees and other insects. The blossom develops in small apple like fruits around 2-3cm across. Enjoyable for humans, birds and mammals find them just as sweet. They eat the apples and disperse the seeds.

Handmade in small batches at Wild Cornwall HQ.

Looking for Crab Apple Jelly as a gift? Find it in our Wild Condiments gift set.


Ingredients: Trelonk Crab Apples, Sugar, Lemon, Trelonk Raw Wildflower Honey

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