Kitchen Essentials


A showcase of all our classic Wild Cornwall produce in one glorious package, with a beautifully embroidered Wild Cornwall apron and tote bag too!

Allow the inspired flavour combinations and unique heritage ingredients to transport you to the heart of the Cornish Roseland and celebrate the hidden flavours of the hedgerow.

The Kitchen Essentials Crate is bursting with beautiful produce inspired by or sourced in the wilderness surrounding our small regenerative farm.


  1. Wild Cornwall jute bag
  2. Apron
  3. Sweet Chestnut Jam
  4. Foragers’ Chutney
  5. Sweet Chill Sauce
  6. Raw Trelonk Wild Flower Honey
  7. Wild Mustard Caviar
  8. Rosemary Infused Sunflower Oil
  9. Nomad’s BBQ Rub
  10. Wild Garlic Salt
  11. Countryside Herb Mix

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