Wilderness Infusions


The Wild Cornwall Infusions Crate is bursting with beautiful herbal infusions inspired by the seasons. All our blends are designed to be complimented by the complex sweetness of our Trelonk Wildflower honey and feature herbs, fruits and flowers either grown by us on our small regenerative farm or sourced from the wilderness around us.

Allow the inspired flavour combinations and unique heritage ingredients to transport you to the heart of the Cornish Roseland and celebrate the hidden flavours of the hedgerow. We hope you will repurpose your crate as a windowsill herb box to grow on some of the flavours that inspire us the most, sachets of wild garlic, calendula, sunflower and rosemary seeds are waiting inside for you to plant up and enjoy.

In summer months you will receive three tubes of the Spring, Autumn and Winter blends with a bumper sized tub of the signature Summer Infusion.

Each season we will rotate the bumper tub, and watch out for 2022 when we will mix it up with a whole new range!

For every teaspoon add one Trelonk Wildflower Honey Pearl, a lightly lemony all natural sweetener made from the nectar of our little native honey bees.


  • Tea Pot
  • Tea Cup
  • Raw Trelonk Wild Flower Honey
  • Trelonk Wild Flower Honey Pearls
  • Wild Spring Infusion Tea
  • Wild Summer Infusion Tea
  • Wild Autumn Infusion Tea
  • Wild Winter Infusion Tea

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