The Tribe

Wild Cornwall started as a feeling, and then became a brand – a feeling that business and pleasure shouldn’t have to be held so far apart. Working at Wild, we combine a playful attitude with taking our mission of delivering fine produce to your table seriously. Wild Cornwall is founded on friendship and trust, and we face the challenges of running a small business by having a laugh and indulging our crazy side from time to time. Some say the highest form of sophistication is play, and making sure there’s a space for imagination, creativity and spontaneity at work gives our food its distinctive artistry.  

About Team Wild

Get To Know Us

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: foraging alone is pretty damn sad. At Wild Cornwall, we prefer to work in a pack. Meet our ever-growing, but still tight-knit, team of enthusiasts who take garlic seriously, but not each other. Wild about weeds or crazy about cuisine, every member of the Wild Cornwall tribe contributes their weird and wonderful talents to our mission to create exquisite food with an edge.

The Team behind the team

Wolf Pack

We are one big Trelonk family, they say home is where the heart is and we feel extremely lucky to be part of the incredible journey here at Trelonk. The team could not be any more varied if we tried but we love different here at Wild Cornwall! We hugely benefit from the array and variety of skill sets, knowledge and wisdom tucked away on our rural Estate here in the heart of Cornwall.

Volunteer With Us

Wild Little Helpers

For many, the attraction of Wild Cornwall is that we’re the ones who do the scuffling around in the undergrowth, while you get to recline at home with your botanical G&T. But for those of you with a fellow wild streak, or maybe just too much time on your hands, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to become a part of what we do here at Wild. Whether you’re a die-hard foraging fan like us, or have never so much as laid eyes on a crop of wild garlic before, we always welcome requests to become a volunteer with us. 

Our Produce

Cornish Goodness

Wild Crates

Packed full of natural goodness.

Wild Feed

A fantastic range of natural animal feed.

Wild Dogs

A fantastic range of plant based treats.

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