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About Anna

What can I say, Anna & I harmonise! We work as a slightly weird & wonderful duo, who’s skill sets, knowledge and preferences  seem to blend wonderfully.  In many ways we are the polar opposite and yet when it comes to making the magic happen we align in all that matters! Anna has an infectious thirst for life … and wine for that matter! Her cheery and wholesome character makes her the perfect welcoming host for all thing Wild at Trelonk.

Anna is a worldie and has a long list of experiences and adventures behind her. Previous to joining the team here at Trelonk Anna would spend her days sunning herself in the warm climate of Mallorca working as a private gardener which is still a keen passion of hers – she’s a green fingered forager at heart – thats for sure! Crawling out of a hedgerow with her found treasures is a regular sight!
Anna loves experimenting with new recipes, tastes and techniques that help give us our unique edggyness with a healthy twist!

Anna`s darker side – her 7am commute is usually always accompanied by a selection of heavy rock music & sunglasses  (music choices – is something we somewhat differ on)!! This seems to set her up for the day ahead – no matter what it throws at us. In a previous life Anna has run a pub in the bright lights of Bristol city centre, which explains her ability to work at great pace, interact with a whole range of personalities and turn her hand to almost anything needed – a perfect wing woman for high pressured situations!
Interesting FACT – Anna studied Classics at University – so strike up a conversation about art, culture or PHILOSOPHY and you wont stop her talking!


Tina by Anna

The salt to my pepper, the ying to my yang, Wild Cornwall would never have been born without Tina Rostock.  Tina puts the glamour into farm life like no one else, a blue eyed bombshell she takes the estate in her stride whatever the height of her heels! She brings a touch of class to the Cornish countryside but if you want to see Tina’s wild side take a look in her car!

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© Copyright 2021. Wild Cornwall Trelonk. All Rights Reserved.