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About Tina

The salt to my pepper, the ying to my yang, Wild Cornwall would never have been born without Tina Rostock.

Tina puts the glamour into farm life like no one else, a blue eyed bombshell she takes the estate in her stride whatever the height of her heels! She brings a touch of class to the Cornish countryside but if you want to see Tina’s wild side take a look in her car!

Tina is a people person like no other; she motivates and organises the masses with alarming charm and authority, you want Tina on your team!

A real social butterfly and a true entertainer, Tina’s confidence and humour holds a rapt audience wherever she goes.

Immaculately presented and polished round the edges Tina may look the part of city slicker as she pulls up in the Merc but she is a real country girl at heart. There is nothing Tina likes more than getting out and about in the countryside, being immersed in nature with her friends and family, and a g and t of course! Tina is happiest busy and active, she is in her element out on the water, exploring the coastline and finding new culinary hotspots in hidden corners of Cornwall.

My favourite Tina Rostock fact is that she is a keen investor in cryptocurrencies and whilst people might think she is texting or checking insta she’s actually avidly monitoring the stock market!


Anna by Tina

What can I say, Anna & I harmonise! We work as a slightly weird & wonderful duo, who’s skill sets, knowledge and preferences  seem to blend wonderfully.  In many ways we are the polar opposite and yet when it comes to making the magic happen we align in all that matters! Anna has an infectious thirst for life … and wine for that matter! Her cheery and wholesome character makes her the perfect welcoming host for all thing Wild at Trelonk.

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