Wild Cornwall Produce

We wanted to push the idea of harvest outside the box, and we’ve learned that the best, most titillating ingredients are often hiding out in the wild, outside the reach of complex machinery. The art of foraging proves that all you need to impress are a pair of hands and an imagination.  And at Wild Cornwall, we transform the nature’s hidden culinary gems into creations that will pique both your interest and your palate.

Outside The Box

Cooking Up A Storm

As wild as we are, we know when to get serious! Pickling, preserving and precision cooking is at the heart of the kitchen, the wild tribe love nothing more than a hardnose business meeting about this seasons hot picks – where to find them and how best to attack them! Thinking outside the box with cooking techniques, we are always against the clock to preserve the seasons finest.

Cornwall's finest

Taste Nature at its best

The Cornish countryside is busting with incredible flavour and ingredients but for tantalising moments alone! The Wild Cornwall mission is to capture these flavours in their purest forms – add some wild & wicked twist and deliver them to your table in a way you have not seen before!

Our Produce

Cornish Goodness

Wild Crates

Packed full of natural goodness.

Wild Feed

A fantastic range of natural animal feed.

Wild Dogs

A fantastic range of plant based treats.

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© Copyright 2021. Wild Cornwall Trelonk. All Rights Reserved.