Culinary Distillation

Growing on our farm, we have an abundance of beautiful crops; lavender, rose, mint and many more. Distilling means we get to use our own essence’s and oils in our food products. 

Besides from distilling, we cold press our nutraceutical crops to achieve the purest of oils. Borage, Sunflower, Calendula and Hemp are beautiful oils in their own right. They contain many natural benefits to the human condition and can be used cosmetically and in your diet.

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Equipped with distillation units, we are able to extract oils and essences from various herbs and crops. We regularly do this for our own food products, however we do offer services out to other customers for culinary purposes.


Nutraceutical Crop Oil

Across the 180 acres here at Wild Cornwall, we grow Sunflowers, Borage and Hemp to press for oil, for both the food industry and for health and wellbeing products. 

All three oils can be sold from 500ml to 250L+

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