Wild Cornwall

At Wild Cornwall we create luxury foraged and homegrown products on our farm in Cornwall. With beautifully tailored gift sets and seasonally inspired products, Wild Cornwall serves up seasonal products just as nature intended, but with a little more zest. 

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Gift Sets

Explore our unique selection of gift sets. Wellbeing, food and clothing!

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Discover our wide variety of wellness products. Ranging from protective lip balm and nourishing beard oil to a rich luxurious hand cream and renewing body scrub.

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Take a look at the products & produce created locally on Trelonk Farm.

Best Sellers

Dough for bagels

Wild Garlic and Cheese Bagels

There are so many great ways to use wild garlic. Of course you have the classic wild garlic pesto, but we like to add it

Picking commonly foraged plants

Where to Find Commonly Foraged Plants

Where to Find Commonly Foraged Plants? Around the UK and Cornwall you will stumble across many plants that can be foraged. Whether that’s in the

Hawthorn Berry in Cornwall in January

Foraging in January in Cornwall

Foraging in January in Cornwall – With 2022 out of the way, we’re focussed on what’s ahead for our 2023 season. Putting on your walking

Nut Roast

Wild Mushroom Nut Roast

Its nearly Christmas, and we at Wild Cornwall have been busy little elves baking, boiling, wrapping up delicious treats, shipping around the country and squirreling

Christmas Sides


Wild sides for Christmas – One of our favourite myths to bust is that there is no wild food to be found in the countryside

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