Our Story

Wild Cornwall is a farm-to-field catering company, a little tribe that begun its life at Trelonk Estate, among the gorse and greenery of the Cornish Roseland. It was started when we, Anna & Tina, were just two women working on a commercial farm with a passion for making magic in the kitchen, and began bartering with the farmhands for ingredients to use in the culinary creations we were dreaming up. And we didn’t stop there. We discovered we could do the same with the wild nature growing around us, and began rooting around for exciting new ingredients beyond the bounds of the farm and garden. And we were so inspired by the resources growing naturally all around, we needed to spread the word – and more importantly, the taste.

Produce with a difference

Wild Cornwall

And just like that, Wild was born. We do local produce with a difference – our chutneys, glazes, teas and jams are based on foraged ingredients selected by our small but mighty team of hustlers and hunter gatherers. Infusing traditional flavours with a wild twist, our bespoke recipes blend superb taste with the secret health benefits we find hidden amongst the hedgerows. From the delicate tang of arsesmart, to the flavour of wild garlic, in our kitchen the abundance of the natural world inspires luxury recipes and garnishes guaranteed to add a unique sparkle to your own culinary adventures. Our creations serve up seasonal produce just as nature intended – but with a little more zest.

Our Produce

Cornish Goodness

Wild Crates

Packed full of natural goodness.

Wild Feed

A fantastic range of natural animal feed.

Wild Dogs

A fantastic range of plant based treats.