Foraging: The Sexiest Thing You Can Do In Wellies

We are surrounded by a daily barrage of things which affect our wellbeing and balance.

Artificial lights and screens stimulate and deregulate the bodies rhythms; caffeine, alcohol and poor diet unbalance our natural equilibrium and plasticised packaging leaches hormone disruptors into everything we eat and put on our skin.

It is no surprise if we feel disconnected from our natural state.

However, all is not lost. Whilst modern life is conspiring against us from all angles it is reassuring to know that there are a few powerful and very easy steps to take to reclaiming your relationship with nature and yourself, awakening your libido and reinstating the sexy status quo.

Donning some wellies and stepping outside might just be the most erotic thing you can do this Valentine’s. Being outdoors with a loved one and sharing the experience of rewilding yourselves is a powerful and beautiful thing. It is important to take time out of your daily life to appreciate a partner, and what better way to connect than spending time together in nature.

Foraging is a fundamentally romantic activity to share, a quiet and understated pastime which can focus the mind and take you away from the mundane tasks and worries of everyday life. Immerse yourself in the simplicity of a task that has occupied humankind for millennia and enjoy the activity of working alongside your partner towards a simple and wholesome goal.

One of the nicest things about foraging for a meal is knowing that 100% of what you eat has come straight from nature, the way it was intended, bypassing all the toxic plastics that your food can come into contact with at any stage of the commercial supply chain. Chemicals found in (and more worryingly coming out) of plastic food packaging show terrible disruption to the human reproductive system. Even BPA free plastics leak harmful toxins that mimic the behaviour of oestrogen and direct exposure has proven links to erectile disfunction, ejaculative problems and low sex drive. Not very romantic! At Wild Cornwall we are dedicated to reducing plastic wherever possible and choose glass and biodegradable cardboard packaging to protect you and the environment alike.

There are many natural aphrodisiacs that can be found in the hedgerows, but nothing compares to the classic romance of a heady rose. We know that not everyone is lucky enough to live in a county where roses bloom all year round (visit our little estate and see for yourselves!) but here at Wild Cornwall we have done the hard work for you; foraging, preserving and steeping, drying and infusing, so that you can enjoy the highlights of any season, all year round. Take advantage of us and fall in love with our beautiful rose inspired gift set.


Rose Valentine's Gift Set

Rose Valentine’s Gift Set

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