November Newsletter

As summer draws to a close, we at Wild Cornwall have been taking a moment to reflect on our first season operating at Trelonk, and what a season it has been!

We have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm that everyone has shown out fledgling little foraging company, and are so touched by the amount of returning faces we see at our events, feast nights and buying from our stalls.

As many of you may know, Wild Cornwall was born during the last lockdown, and in just one short season has already expanded and developed into areas we had never originally planned.

When we first started out Wild Cornwall was a small range of gift boxes which showcased the small scale crops being cultivated in Trelonk’s fields, polytunnels and market garden, and combined them with the seasonal bounty of the hedgerows. The synergy between the wild and the propagated was what inspired us to create a range with an edge; taking traditional Cornish ingredients to places you might not have been to before.

One of our flagship products was the Rambler’s Sweet Chilli Sauce which uses spicy Cornish meadow weeds for a chilli kick and combines them with our calendula, a fragrant, sunny flower we cultivated for its impressive antioxidant, antifungal benefits. We have branched out with this Sweet Chilli base to create more flavour combinations such as Smoky Rose & Red Onion, Pineapple Weed & Lime and a Hawthorn & Crab Apple.

We created a range of seasonal bespoke crates with the gift market in mind; the Kitchen Essentials for a foodie friend which includes all the basics like tomato sauce, jam and cooking oil, but not as you know it! Our cold pressed, Cornish sunflower oil has a flavour profile like no other, and our Gatherer’s tomato sauce is spiked with arsesmart, hawthorn vinegar and wild alexanders sea salt.

The BBQ Lover’s crate features what is probably my favourite range of products, I am particularly proud of the Hunter’s BBQ sauce which uses our raw Trelonk Wildflower honey, and the Nomad’s BBQ rub which is a sweet, smoky blend of warm spices and native herbs perfect for rubbing into meats or scattering across griddled veg.

The Wilderness Infusions range has had the most overwhelming responses on social media, which is perhaps unsurprising given how strikingly beautiful the combination of dried fruits and flowers are. They look almost as good as they taste! An Infusions crate features gently dried herbs, fruits and flowers for all four seasons, click here to purchase an Autumn crate with a bumper sized tub of warming cinnamon and Trelonk apple tea, designed to be drunk with a Trelonk Wildflower Honey Pearl stirred in.

In addition to these initial food-centric crates we have been busy branching out and creating new lifestyle and wellbeing range. We have combined natural, Cornish ingredients and our own Trelonk seed oils to create a luxury skin care range tailored for you out-and-about Wild Cornish Adventurers! Watch this space for upcoming gift crates and bespoke wellbeing products.

Whilst the days remain mild and there are still leaves on the trees Christmas might seem far away but to us we have been immersed in all things festive for some time now and are delighted to announce our latest crate, curated with Christmas in mind! Treat a loved one to a taste of wild Cornwall this Christmas, our latest gift crate is crammed with festive favourites such as the Wild Chestnut Jam, mulled cider with juice from Trelonk apples, blackberry balsamic vinegar and a crab apple jelly perfect for Cornish cheeseboards… All these and more are nestled around the crowning glory of a Boozy Wild Christmas Cake with Trelonk Wildflower Honey and Drunken Sloes. Happy Christmas indeed!

Wild Luxury Christmas Gift Set
A Mini Christmas Gift Box
Christmas Kitchen Essentials

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