Hedgerow Burger Relish


Liven up your burgers with the Hedgerow Burger Relish, a sweet base made up of apples and rhubarb from our farm are balanced with our special recipe Hawthorn Vinegar and spread thickly across a brioche bun is the perfect accompaniment to a cheesy beef/veggie burger.

Hawthorn is a small tree (looks like a shrub) that can grow up to 6m. Its branches are thorny and appear rather tangled. The leaves are green and the tree flowers a delicate white flower. The fruit of the tree is small, red and contains a stone. Typically, the trees are found in woodlands, scrubland and amongst other shrubs and plants in hedgerows. You’ll find that the leaves and flowers bloom early to mid-spring and the berries pop in the autumn. Raw Hawthorn Berries can have a tart yet sweet taste, we recommend not eating the stone!

Hawthorn Berry is one of the most researched herbal medicines. Despite containing vitamin B and C, the berries contain a cocktail of powerful antioxidants which help to keep high blood pressure at bay. It also plays an important role in stimulating bile and gastric secretions, aiding the digestion of stagnant foods.


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Ingredients: (allergens are in brackets): Cooking apples, onions, rhubarb, brown sugar, cider vinegar (Sulphur dioxide), hawthorn malt vinegar (Malt, barley), garlic, water, paprika, smoked candied dandelion root, smoked candied burdock root, sea salt, black pepper, mixed spice.

Allergens: Barley, Sulphur Dioxide

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