A Scotch Egg For A Sunny Day

Black Pudding and Chorizo Scotch Egg

With Spring here, picnic season is upon us, and we think 2022 is the year we up our picnic game.

We’re kicking off the picnic series with a twist on the staple scotch egg, with our Black Pudding and Chorizo Scotch Egg. Rich, BBQ meaty goodness, comes together with a soft eggy centre, encased in a hug of crispy panko breadcrumbs. What’s not to love?

We’ve added in yummy black pudding, chorizo and our Nomad’s BBQ Rub, to bring a smoky depth of flavour to your picnic blanket spread.


The method is:

  1. Blend the black pudding, chorizo and sausage meat together with a teaspoon of Nomad’s BBQ Rub (add more if you prefer)
  2. Boil your eggs for 6 minutes then chill them in ice water for around 10 mins
  3. Peel your eggs
  4. Coat your eggs with your meat mixture making sure there are no gaps
  5. Panné the scotch egg (flour, egg and bread crumbs) but make sure you you double dip the egg and breadcrumbs for that extra layer.
  6. Shallow or deep fry until golden brown

We served ours with a curried mayo.


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