Building The Perfect Cornish Cheeseboard

When it comes to a good ol’ fashioned cheeseboard, balance and variety are key. If you’re not hosting, then you can pick whatever you wish. But if you’re hosting a heap of guests you need to consider various options to cater for all palettes.

Our tip is to focus on four of five high quality cheeses, keeping it Cornish of course. A classic Cornish cheeseboard should feature something soft and creamy, something firm and always a blue cheese.



As we all know there is always one person that sticks to cheddar, and quite frankly there is nothing wrong with that – it is a staple member of the cheese family. Being a Cornish brand, it is only right to recommend Davidstow, another Cornish brand producing award-winning cheddar. Conjuring up well-rounded, full flavoured cheddar, the tastes are creamy, rich and long lasting – a truly beautiful cheese.

Cornish Blue

Moving on from the classic cheddar, Cornish Blue cheese is next to grace the board. Produced on Bodmin Moor since 2001, there shouldn’t be a reason this blue isn’t a feature piece. The flavour of this beauty is mild and creamy with a dense texture and a smooth buttery richness. Unlike other blue cheese’s it has a slight sweetness, elevating it above the others.

The Cornish Cheese Co. also have a Brie in their collection of cheeses. Deliciously mild, this brie is creamy in flavour with a meltingly good texture. We’d 100% recommend this Brie and The Cornish Cheese Co.

Cornish Yarg

Typically avoiding stinging nettles, when it comes down to a nice bit of Cornish Yarg, I’m afraid they’re pretty tricky to avoid. Wrapped in nettles, this semi hard cheese made from Cornish milk has a tangy citrusy flavour under its rind and slightly crumbly in the core.

A Take on a Red Leicester

Another hard cheese that goes down a treat and unfortunately not made in Cornwall, but Devon, is Quickie’s Devonshire Red Clothbound Cheese. This vibrant, full-flavoured cheese is their distinctive take on the classic Red Leicester. With a crumbly texture, nutty flavours and lemony creaminess, this cheese adds a pop of colour to the board and is it a great cheese to share around the table.


Not necessarily on the cheeseboard, but definitely in the oven baking away to be featured on the table is our favourite Curds & Croust Cornish Camembert. Rich and bold in flavour, this buttery textured camembert has the ability to melt your taste buds. Eaten with a good tiger bread loaf, or baked baguette, this is bound to go down a treat.

Once you have your staples, pick whatever tickles your fancy, pick up some smoked cheese, a stilton, maybe some feta, or even goats. There are so many beautiful cheeses out there – go wild!

Your Cornish cheeseboard must always be accompanied by biscuits and varying condiments. Luckily for you, Wild Cornwall has an essential set for condiments – Cheeseboard Essentials – consisting of four beautifully crafted products you can enjoy your cheese and crackers with. A yummy Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar, Mustard Caviar, Forager’s Chutney (Rhubarb and Apple) and Crab Apple Jelly.

The Forager’s Chutney has a sweet base, made with fruits from our farm and is balanced with our special recipe of Hawthorn Vinegar. This works wonderfully with a rich creamy cheddar.

Our Wild Mustard Caviar is the perfect pickle to invigorate a traditional ploughman’s or cheeseboard. Indigenous mustard seeds are pickled in our Hawthorn vinegar and then steeped in fronds of wild dill. It pairs spectacularly with cooked meats and cheese.

The Crab Apple Jelly is a must with any soft cheeses, just like Brie or Camembert. Made from our own Trelonk apples, this deliciously sticky and sweet condiment is perfect on the cheeseboard.

Lastly, the rich and velvety Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar is an unusual addition to the traditional fare, but it works. Intensely fruity, this tart and sweet accompaniment is perfect for dunking bread or drizzling over cheese on a cracker.

Cheese is best served at room temperature, so make sure you get everything out at least an hour before serving. When it comes to eating it all, enjoy it with a big glass of red!

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