Christmas Cheeseboard to please a Modern Crowd

With Christmas just around the corner this is the perfect moment to start thinking about what can be bought, gathered and baked ahead of time to take a little of the pressure of The Big Day. At Wild Cornwall we are fanatical about cheese and love turning our attention to the perfect accompaniments for the incredible range of cheeses Cornwall has to offer.  Here’s our favourites cheeses and Christmas Cheeseboard Accompaniments.

Our classic cheeseboard will always feature a creamy salty cheddar like Davidstow, a wedge of crumbly intense Cornish Blue and plenty of Cornish Yarg, a beautiful, delicate cheese wrapped in stinging nettles which is right up our street!

Whilst these classics remain a staple at Wild Cornwall HQ more and more of our friends are looking for plant based alternatives and Christmas is a time for providing for all! We absolutely love making our own dairy free cheeses with nut milks and emulsifying starches, but it is not always necessary to replicate like for like, and there are plenty of ways to replicate the splendour of an all singing all dancing cheeseboard without an animal product in sight.

Our flavoursome sundried tomatoes and crunchy wild CornishOnes add texture and flavour to rival any strong cheese, and a smooth whipped humous blended with one of our incredible infused oils has all of the creamy pleasure of a camembert.

We love to make our own biscuits from foraged ingredients when we put on a spread, and this recipe for nettle seed biscuits is sure to impress.

Either alongside a classic cheese or served up alongside a dairy free alternative, the Wild Cornwall Forager’s Chutney provides a sweet, tart acidity that shines without overpowering. Unusual depth and complexity derives from our signature Hawthorn Malt Vinegar, available to buy direct from our shop but also a not-so-secret ingredient in many of our hero products.

Pile up rustic chunks of sourdough in strategic spots around your sharing board, and dot with ramekins of oils and vinegars for dunking. Ranging from the velvety black Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar to the most delicate pink Rose and Strawberry Red Wine Vinegar, our range provides a gorgeous variety of colour to set your table (and Instagram feed) popping off this Christmas.

In true Wild Cornwall style, go crazy with your Christmas Cheeseboard Accompaniments. There are so many exciting and flavoursome products out their to enjoy with cheese.

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