Get Creative With Outdoor Dining

It’s funny how us Brits get so excited over the tiniest bit of sun. It’s something we wait so patiently for most of the year and gosh don’t we welcome it with open arms when it arrives. The picnic blankets come out, we make up a concoction of “picky bits” and we drink as much Aperol Spritz’s until our head hurts!

Creating the perfect outdoor dining experience can be so much fun and it adds to the whole feel, one you can share with family and friends.

As we love all things wild, be inspired by your surroundings. Take a look at the hedgerows and take clippings of fine plants and other pretty flowers. Adding candles and hurricane lamps to your table of choice or to dressed up wood pallets, elevating your casual style of dining to a luxury bohemian style feast.

Adding a pop of colour is all part of the fun. Coloured glassware with a matching-coloured tablecloth, pillows and flowers ties it altogether, and in the glorious sunshine your table will look beautiful.

As the warmer weather begins to make its mark, heavier dishes tend to get pushed aside and salads, pasta dishes and other light plates make an entrance. Fresh produce is wonderful at this time of year so let it be a staple on your menu. Make up a tasty charcuterie board with all your favourite Cornish cheese’s, cold meats, and warm fresh breads for people to nibble on as they sip on their cool, refreshing drinks.

Whilst we all enjoy the sun, it doesn’t often last for long, especially in the evenings. The cooler air creeps in and we’re all looking for a jumper or blanket to pull over ourselves. Keep a throw or two handy to wrap up in when the sun sets.

Entertaining is all about having fun, so make sure you turn up the tunes, eat some yummy food, drink until you can’t (responsibly!!!) and dance until the sun comes up!

Have fun in the sun!

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