Elderflower Doughnuts

Elderflower Doughnuts

Here at Wild Cornwall HQ we are surrounded by Elderflowers. Everywhere you look you can see a shrub or tree bountifully growing elderflower, it’s amazing! Whilst they’re in season we like to utilise them as much as possible. Here is one of our favs – Elderflower Doughnuts!   Foraging your Elderflower For this recipe you

Wild Cocktails

As spring rolls on and the days begin to lengthen we see the first of the elderflower blossoms emerging in the hedgerows and roadsides. Their creamy blooms welcome in the warmer weather, and their heady fragrance is enhanced ten fold by harvesting on a sunny day. We use elderflower in a host of different ways

Venison Burgers with Burger Relish

Venison Burger

Ingredients   420g Minced Cornish venison 80g Pork Mince (to add some fat) 1 free range egg Generous sprinkle of Nomad’s BBQ Rub Salt and Pepper Wild Cornwall Hedgerow Burger Relish Method   In a large non-stick pan fry up the mince with a generous sprinkle of Nomad’s BBQ rub and some salt and pepper

Chocolate and Chestnut Forager’s Gateaux

Chocolate cake

Something sweet and something chocolatey can be a real craving. A homemade favourite of ours is this delicious recipe, it’s super moist and fudgy, yet it’s light and not overbearing. It will soon be your favourite to. Enjoy making this cake with friends or family and continue to enjoy the process when it comes to

Wildly Indulgent Flapjacks


Sometimes creating that one nostalgic dish is what you need. A flapjack takes us back to our school fayre days, which may I add was a very long time ago, but it is a sweet memory. If it’s not the school fayre, its the school dining hall, but here it was doused in custard. Our

Wild Mushroom and Davidstow Cornish Rarebit with Nomad’s BBQ Rub


Serves 6   Ingredients:   300g Wild mushrooms (we were lucky enough to use chicken of the woods and ceps, but chanterelles would have been spectacular too) 250g Davidstow Cheddar 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce 100ml full fat milk ¼ teaspoon Mustard Powder 100ml Cornish ale – we like Proper Job or Tribute 60g Butter 30g

Roast Beetroot Soup with Nomad’s BBQ Rub and Horseradish Cream


Without a doubt, beetroot is an acquired taste. It doesn’t turn everybody on, but it does us, and we’ve come up with a corker of a recipe for you. Wildly comforting this soup makes you feel warm from the inside out. Perfect for any occasion but we love to enjoy it when it is slightly

Cornish Sweet Fire Squash with Raw Wildflower Honey and Countryside Herb Mix

Raw Vegetables

Sometimes eating a good roasted vegetable bake is exactly what you need. Vegetables contain so many healthy nutrients and vitamins, and baking them is such a healthy method to maintaining the beneficial properties. The good thing about this dish is you can choose whatever veg you want to go in it, but here is how

Pulled Wild Mushrooms With Wild Cornwall Hunters BBQ Sauce

Wild Mushrooms

Fancy trying our Wild Mushrooms with Hunter’s BBQ Sauce? You’ve come to the right place! Whilst this recipe will work with any wild mushrooms (forage with expert advice and care!) it is at its best with oyster mushrooms. If these are hard to forage in your area we strongly recommend buying an Oyster Mushroom Grow

Basil Infused Sunflower Oil Roasted Tomatoes & Hummus Toast

Making up this tasty concoction for breakfast or brunch is super tasty and easy to do. Say goodbye to avocado and welcome this delight with open arms. Toasted, crusty sourdough sumptuously coated in a thick yet smooth hummus and served with wild garlic & basil infused sunflower oil roasted vine tomatoes, contains simple ingredients yet