Wild Mushroom and Davidstow Cornish Rarebit with Nomad’s BBQ Rub


Serves 6   Ingredients:   300g Wild mushrooms (we were lucky enough to use chicken of the woods and ceps, but chanterelles would have been spectacular too) 250g Davidstow Cheddar 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce 100ml full fat milk ¼ teaspoon Mustard Powder 100ml Cornish ale – we like Proper Job or Tribute 60g Butter 30g

Roast Beetroot Soup with Nomad’s BBQ Rub and Horseradish Cream


Without a doubt, beetroot is an acquired taste. It doesn’t turn everybody on, but it does us, and we’ve come up with a corker of a recipe for you. Wildly comforting this soup makes you feel warm from the inside out. Perfect for any occasion but we love to enjoy it when it is slightly

Cornish Sweet Fire Squash with Raw Wildflower Honey and Countryside Herb Mix

Raw Vegetables

Sometimes eating a good roasted vegetable bake is exactly what you need. Vegetables contain so many healthy nutrients and vitamins, and baking them is such a healthy method to maintaining the beneficial properties. The good thing about this dish is you can choose whatever veg you want to go in it, but here is how

Pulled Wild Mushrooms With Wild Cornwall Hunters BBQ Sauce

Wild Mushrooms

Fancy trying our Wild Mushrooms with Hunter’s BBQ Sauce? You’ve come to the right place! Whilst this recipe will work with any wild mushrooms (forage with expert advice and care!) it is at its best with oyster mushrooms. If these are hard to forage in your area we strongly recommend buying an Oyster Mushroom Grow

Basil Infused Sunflower Oil Roasted Tomatoes & Hummus Toast

Making up this tasty concoction for breakfast or brunch is super tasty and easy to do. Say goodbye to avocado and welcome this delight with open arms. Toasted, crusty sourdough sumptuously coated in a thick yet smooth hummus and served with wild garlic & basil infused sunflower oil roasted vine tomatoes, contains simple ingredients yet

Velvety Hummus

Creating a good hummus is ideal for when you’re hosting and even just to snack on with veg or bread. We like mixing different ingredients into hummus like red pepper or smoky sweet potato but knowing how to make the ol’classic hummus is a must! Here’s what you’ll need: Cooked Chickpeas Tahini Lemon Juice Garlic

Wild Minestrone

Undoubtedly hearty, minestrone soup is delicious and comforting whether its spring, summer or winter. Our take on a classic minestrone, obviously contains some wild ingredients. In comparison to a leak and potato soup, or your classic Heinz tomato soup, we consider minestrone to be more of a meal than just a soup. The ingredients are

A Vegetable Stock

A staple in the kitchen and when making soups, stews or various sauces, vegetable stock is super easy to make and so much tastier than your standard stock cube! It basically boils down to chopping up some veg, or perhaps utilising some peelings, throwing it in some water and allowing it to simmer away. Here’s

Blackberry Balsamic New Potatoes with Asparagus

Blackberry Balsamic New Potatoes and Asparagus

It is no secret to our followers on social media that we’re a little bit obsessed with balsamic vinegar, especially our Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. It’s beautifully rich and tangy in flavour, and when added with other fresh and comforting ingredients, it pops. To make up this tasty dish of new potatoes with asparagus, you’ll need

Building The Perfect Cornish Cheeseboard

Cornish Cheeseboard

When it comes to a good ol’ fashioned cheeseboard, balance and variety are key. If you’re not hosting, then you can pick whatever you wish. But if you’re hosting a heap of guests you need to consider various options to cater for all palettes. Our tip is to focus on four of five high quality